Come away with me

My name is J O H A N A (joe•ann•uh) .
Im seventeen from sunny southern California
I love pop culture,movies,music all that jazz.
Especially Disney,Disneyland IS my second home :D.
Disneyland AP Holder:)
Any question or anything just •ASK

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Cupid's Chokehold (feat. Patrick Stump) by Gym Class Heroes

following back everyone until i find a tumblr gf♡

I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the sky looked all day yesterday 😍 #Disneyland (at Sleeping Beauty Castle)
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I have had one of the worst weeks this week
Those who I thought were my friends have decided to gang up on me and it really sucks
Because I don’t become friends with many people
And those who are I Carley deeply for
Despite everything I’ve realized that the only friend I actually need is my sister.


I love Ward Kimball.

made some changes to the rock n roll shrine

can i has